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Zeng Xin has consistently advocated humane management, our human resources development work always adhere to "respect people, train people, the achievement person" concept of talent, adhere to the concept of innovation, system innovation, for the growth of talent and competition to create a "fair, just, open" atmosphere,establish a respect for talent, talent cultivation and realize their full potential mechanism, guarantee the development of enterprises and achieve the perfect harmony and unity, the maximum value of individual.

We respect talents. Because we know that talent is growing road of thorns, we understand the talent toremember the location of the great plan and noble ambition Albert Chong; we respect knowledge, respect foroneself learn more for the enterprise, country, society to create wealth so as to realize the value of talents; wepay great attention to the talents, more attention to creating talent, give full play to their potential environment for talents.

We cultivate talents. We can provide a superior development platform for the growth of talent: we build let talent incentive mechanism to actively develop healthy, we have the perfect to the international development of thehuman resources management system; our company has good vision, let talents grow sturdily on a brilliantcareer.

Our achievements in personnel. The great achievements in the cause of great people, and our cause is one ofmankind's greatest career. Our company has unlimited scope for development, we are moving towards the direction of internationalization and stride. We "pursuit of the perfect harmony", there is no "you" and "I", "wehave here only". We want all like-minded people together, gathering a huge surge of power to promote our valve industry and contribute to our common efforts.

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