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1. Prior to the client storage and maintenance, the product can not be normally used because the product manufacturing quality problems, we provide three gurantee service. 

2. After receiving quality information feedback, we will put forward opinions within 24 hours, and arrive at the scene within 100 hours to deal with problems and analyze the causes till achieving normal operation.

3. For the ex factory products, we provide necessary technical documentation and product qualification certificate.

4. According to the customer demand or agreement we provide installation, commissioning, maintenance and let related personnel carry out technical training.

5. For large projects, we provide documents in accordance with the requirements of production, testing, inspection, and in line with the customer site acceptance.

6. We strictly follow the IS09001 standard of raw materials to do spare parts procurement and production and inspection.

In the product using process, such as the discovery of products can not be normally used, customers can consult our after-sale service department immediately by telling us the product models,specifications, the use of the environment, fault condition, the date of purchase and the service requirements in detail. If problems still can not be solved after asking the after-sales service department, Zengxin will then decide to send people to site for service.

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Add:No. 165, Hengfei Road, Waigang town, Jiading District, Shanghai.
Tel:021-59583666 021-59589997  Fax:021-59586599
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