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Founded in 2001, Shanghai Zengxin Machine Electron Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise engaged in professional research, development and production of various kinds of valve test machines. With firm faith to manufacture valve test machine well and fine, Zengxin has become an an important supplier in the field of test machines in only 15 years.


The company’s main products are special equipment related to industrial valve test and valve production including valve performance testing equipment, test system of valve flow resistance coefficient, test facility of valve life, test system of the valve opening and closing torque, one button automatic valve test system, lapping machine of the valve sealing surface and so on. Our products are widely applied to the valve manufacturers, valve users, valve installation & maintenance units and the third party testing institutions of valves.


More than a decade, with steady pace of development, Zengxin has rapidly grown to be a large manufacturer of valve testing equipment. In December 2014, the company successfully listed on Shanghai Equity Exchange. It started up company management system, improved management efficiency comprehensively and created the magic speed of leap-forward development.


Zengxin always takes innovation as its development strategy so as to predict future customer needs. The company set up an innovation team composed of professors of engineering and technical personnel using 3D simulation system to develop and design new products. It strengthened research of the basic theory and new product research & development and encouraged the staff to invent and create new products through cooperation with University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai Institute of Technology and other colleges and universities. Besides, the company always follows market trends, maintains the dynamic matching development and meets different customers' various needs, which has made it obtain 16 China national practical new-type patents and 3 invention patents.


In 2007, it successfully developed the YFB-D1400 top screw valve test machine with the design bearing pressure of 2600 tons and was awarded the certificate of Shanghai high-tech achievement transformation project.   


In 2008, with successful development of one button automatic valve test machine, it realized automatic test of valves, and won the Silver Award in International Valves Exposition of China.


In 2009, it designed and manufactured screw valve test machine with bearing pressure of 3200 tons. This device was customized specially for testing ball valves on pipelines of West-East natural gas transmission project and it can test welded ball valve with the specification of 48” class 900 and 56” class 600.


In 2012, it developed the DN3600 super-large butterfly valve test machine.


In 2013, it developed a screw valve test machine with bearing pressure of 4600 tons, which can test 56” class900 , 60” class 600 and 72” class 300 ball valves on pipelines, marking the great improvement of Zengxin.


Zengxin always insist on listening to our customers, improving the service quality and working with the global users with a win-win concept. With good reputation and excellent product quality, our users have covered over 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions nationwide. Our products are exported to the United States, Russia, Canada, South Korea, Israel, Singapore, Iran,  Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Georgia, Venezuela, Taiwan and other dozens of countries and regions.


In order to meet the market demands and speed up industrial upgrading, the company plans to carry out third-party valve testing services based on its advantages on manufacturing the valve testing equipment. It has established Shanghai Pengxin Detection Technology Co., LTD. to provide movable valve testing equipment, project site inspection and detection of valves in service and other technical support and services for valve users and units.


Remarkable results can only represent the glorious yesterday. In the future, Zengxin’s personnel began to focus on the frontier market. Combining with the reform and development of industry in 2025, the company will set up a testing and processing center of cloud data by making full use of the "Internet +" technology, which enables the company to provide customers with real-time online monitoring and remote monitoring analysis, to comprehensively promote the value of service, and to provide a package system solution including scientific, safe, professional, efficient and economical valve testing. Zengxin will definitely continue to show a better tomorrow!


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Add:No. 165, Hengfei Road, Waigang town, Jiading District, Shanghai.
Tel:021-59583666 021-59589997  Fax:021-59586599
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